Volarte was born from a dream of offering personalized and tailored experiences to everyone who wants to discover Barcelona and Paris from a different perspective…for those who don’t want to visit like a common tourist but, instead, like locals who want to intimately feel, live and discover these cities.

Our goal is to provide our guests the most exquisite experiences while they live the essence of Barcelona and Paris in a very authentic way one would never find in a conventional tour.  With Volarte, you are not booking a simple tour…but an entire experience that will make you come closer to deeply understanding the culture and essence of every place you visit with us.



A passionate guide with the vision of delivering guests the most exquisite experiences.

I am a dedicated professional tour guide with more than a decade of experience in the tourism industry. I am an avid traveler who has dedicated my life to seeing the world, seeking out new experiences, and learning from different cultures. I hold two degrees – a Masters in French Literature from La Sorbonne University in Paris and also a degree in Languages and Socio-Cultural Studies.

I began my work as a tour guide in Paris with a multi-national tourism company where I was quickly promoted to focusing on training other guides, in addition to providing my own tours. After six years in Paris, I fell in love with Barcelona during a summer trip to the city. I soon thereafter moved to Barcelona where I now call home – and where I started Volarte with the goal of providing my guests the most exquisite, personalized and unforgettable tours possible. It is truly my passion to reach deeply into my knowledge of the art, culture, history and cuisine of Barcelona and Paris to give my guests a full understanding of Spanish and French culture from the unique perspective of a local.



Volarte provides personalized bespoke travel experiences and tours in Europe’s two most beautiful cities …all tailored to your individual wishes. Consider us your personal host to all the wonders of Barcelona and Paris.

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